Beck Diet Solution: Day 9

“The Beck Diet Solution” Day 9: Select an Exercise Plan

See my overview of “The Beck Diet Solution,” a weight loss guide based on psychology, here.
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Ughhh. I read this entire book before starting the program, so I new this was coming. Still, though. I know exercise is very important for physical and mental health, but I’ve never been able to keep myself adequately motivated to do it regularly. Like I stated in yesterday’s post, time isn’t exactly plentiful for me!

Beck distinguishes between two types of exercise: “spontaneous exercise” and “planned exercise.” Spontaneous exercise is made up of the little opportunities to move more during the day: get off the bus a stop or two early, take the stairs, etc. I’m actually really good at this already! Planned exercise is more structured: go for a run, work out at the gym, etc. This is where I fall short. In an ideal world, I would attend barre fitness classes. I was a ballet dancer growing up, so the movements are already similar to me–plus, I really like it. Sadly, this is far out of my price range of $0. I have running shoes and live near a beautiful park, so running is going to be my “planned exercise.” Maybe I can add barre classes once I lose more fat as I get closer to my wedding.


What exercises do you enjoy?

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