Beck Diet Solution: Day 7

“The Beck Diet Solution” Day 7: Arrange Your Environment

See my overview of “The Beck Diet Solution,” a weight loss guide based on psychology, here.
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This chapter is about reducing “environmental triggers” that may sabotage your diet. Depending on your living situation, this may not be so easy! If you have roommates or family who eat a lot of junk food, you can’t exactly tell them to throw it all away. Beck proposes moving these items to a higher shelf, or “hiding” them behind other items so you won’t be tempted. She also suggests rearranging your dishes, so your smaller plates are in the front; using smaller plates generally leads to eating smaller portions. If you want to “treat yourself” and build a few indulgences in your diet, consider buying those foods on an as-needed basis–don’t keep them in the house. She gave an example of a client who would allow himself to buy a candy bar from his office’s vending machine every Friday afternoon.

“Don’t worry about throwing out food. It’s going to get wasted on way or another–either in the trash can or in your body.”

I love the above quote from Beck’s book. I definitely overeat out of a desire to not waste food–especially if I’ve spent money at a restaurant, or the dish is really good. However, eating food I don’t need is still waste! But it’s worse than throwing it out, because it’s waste that makes me fat.

Though my partner will not be dieting with me, I don’t foresee any problems with having his food in the house. While I have a massive sweet tooth, he rarely eats desserts (I can count on one hand the number of times he’s had dessert since we’ve been together!). So, there won’t be any sweets around to tempt me. His love of pizza, however, may get in the way. I’ve asked him to only order pizza with meat on it (I’m a vegetarian), so eating it won’t even cross my mind.


Things you may need to buy before your diet next week:
-smaller dishes
-a food scale
-tupperware containers for meal planning
-a lunch box, if bringing lunch to work/school is new for you

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