Self Care Saturday

Cat photo of the week: Henry sitting very properly.

Happy weekend, everyone! In my field, “self care” is prioritized among clinicians. The idea is that we must take care of our own needs first, in order to be the best we can for our clients. Nobody wants a therapist who is stressed out and exhausted! It’s so important, in fact, that describing and planning how I’ll take care of myself (emotionally, physically, socially) has been a requirement both in my classes and at my internship. I think the idea of self-care is important for everybody. So, every week, I want to discuss what I’m doing to practice self-care.

This weekend, I’m going to do my first practice-run of my wedding makeup! I’m getting married in the fall, and so far I’m planning on doing my own makeup. I’ve always been very interested in makeup (though my schedule doesn’t allow me to go “full glam” every morning). But I’m not 100% sure what kind of look I want to go for as a bride. Wedding makeup is tricky–it has to be pigmented enough to show up in photos, and able to last through a day full of eating, laughing, and kissing. So, it’s going to have to be much heavier than I’m used to for everyday wear. I’m going to sit down at my vanity, armed with YouTube and an embarrassingly under-used makeup collection, and see what I can come up with for a “rough draft”! Make-up is relaxing and almost meditative for me, so it definitely falls under the “self-care” category.

What will you do for self-care this week?

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