Beck Diet Solution: Day 6

“The Beck Diet Solution” Day 6: Find a Diet Coach

See my overview of “The Beck Diet Solution,” a weight loss guide based on psychology, here.
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Yes, Beck wants me to enlist the help of a “diet coach.” This doesn’t have to be someone who is knowledgeable about dieting or weight loss. The purpose of a diet coach is to provide support and encouragement as you try to lose weight. She listed four different ways to find a diet coach: ask a friend or family member, join an organized group (such as Overeaters Anonymous), hire a diet professional, or look for internet support (like me!). Whichever route you go, she recommends dedicating time together at least once a week to discussing your diet.  During these discussions you should touch on the following: weight change, struggles in the past week, and successes in the past week. If you are really struggling, she suggests staying in daily contact with your “sponsor.” According to Beck, many people need to talk to their support every night for several weeks.

At first, I considered asking my older sister to be my “diet coach.” A couple of years ago, we tackled “Weight Watchers” together, and I successfully lost about 12 pounds (which is a lot for my height!)  Upon reflection, I realized the most helpful aspect of her support was the fact that we lived together at the time–I couldn’t hide many eating habits from her, and we often cooked healthy meals together. With this in mind, I decided to ask my partner to be my diet coach. He’s been supportive about me losing weight, and has challenged me in many other areas to fulfill my potential. Because we live, eat, and grocery shop together, he’ll be able to hold me accountable in most moments of weakness.  Also, he’s always able to tell when I’m lying–so there’s no way to bullshit him. I hope that, by the end of these 6 weeks, we’ll both me proud of me.


Who has supported you on your weight loss journey? What has been the most helpful?

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