Beck Diet Solution: Day 3

“The Beck Diet Solution” Day 3: Eat Sitting Down

Note: This post may be triggering to individuals who have struggled with eating disorders.

To recap, “The Beck Diet Solution” applies psychological concepts to weight loss. I explain the theory more in-depth here.

Beck’s day three task is a simple one: eat sitting down. I thought I wouldn’t have a hard time with this one–I always sit down for meals! But I realized that there’s several other times in the day when I eat standing up. Sampling food while cooking, grabbing candy from a candy dish, etc. The idea behind the “always eat sitting down” strategy is to make you more aware of what you’re eating. It also eliminates many “unplanned” calories.  Beck also asserts that, because eating sitting down means seeing all your food spread out in front of you, it makes you more visually satisfied–which leads to “psychological satisfaction.” Most people who struggle with their weight, myself included, eat for “psychological satisfaction” instead of “physical satisfaction.” For example, I’ve often eaten past the point of feeling full, just because a dessert looks good–that’s appealing to my mind, instead of my stomach. All in all, today’s task wasn’t a challenge, though I’m sure the entire six week program won’t always be this easy! As always, I read my “Advantage Response Cards” twice today.

See my introduction post on “The Beck Diet Solution” here.
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Do any of you find yourselves eating standing up? How did you remind yourself to sit down?

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