7 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day frequently revolves around romantic love–flowers, hearts, and candy for “that special someone.” However–whether you’re in a relationship or not–it is crucial to first love yourself. Here are seven ways to show yourself some love this year!

  1. Give yourself credit.
    People tend to focus on the mistakes they make, discounting all the good deeds they perform in everyday life. Have you done well on a project for work? Been there for a friend? Gotten out of bed on a particularly difficult day? It’s important to give yourself credit for your accomplishments, however you define them.
  2. Take a bath.
    Soaking in warm, scented waters does wonders after a long day. Use bath bombs, bubbles, and/or oils–whatever makes you feel luxurious. I love Lush’s bath products when I want to treat myself; their Twilight bath bomb is my favorite. (www.lushusa.com)
  3. Apply for that dream job/promotion.
    I hear this all the time: “There’s someone less qualified than you doing the job you want right now, simply because they believed in themselves.” It sounds hokey, but I think it’s true! Stop telling yourself you aren’t good enough. Maybe you don’t have enough experience or the right connections yet–but you’ll never find out if you don’t try.
  4. Clean your living space.
    This one sounds like more of a chore. But you deserve a clean, beautiful home. Even something as simple as putting some clothes in a hamper will give you a sense of accomplishment, and make your space feel more relaxing.
  5. Laugh!
    What makes you laugh? Is it watching reruns of a favorite show, scrolling through silly YouTube videos, or joking with a sibling? Whatever it is, seek laughter, and relish in the pure joy of it.
  6. Buy yourself a present.
    Think of an “unnecessary” purchase you’ve been eyeing, but keep talking yourself out of. Perhaps something frivolous, like a fancy eyeshadow palette or premium chocolate bar. If you budget allows, go for it. You may not need this item, but you absolutely deserve it.
  7. Appreciate your strengths.
    List 3-5 positive traits of yours. If this is challenging, a friend or family member can provide an outside perspective and tell you the good they see in you. Write these traits down and read them to yourself, reflecting on all the good you bring to the world. If this is an area you especially struggle with, keep this list and read it each morning to remind yourself you’re worth it.

What are some other ways to love yourself? Share in the comments!


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